Monday, May 4, 2015

The Role of a Titus 2 Woman ~ Part 3

“….teach the young women to love their husbands” v.4. I’m wondering. In the day in which we live, would it be good that older women take a fresh look at their husband/wife relationship? There is so much to distract. So much for older women to vie for. Not much to help them grow old gracefully, let alone to grow old in a godly manner. You can see. It is all around us. Observe.

Loving our husbands is more than giving them a kiss when they come in the door. Love and respect go hand in hand. There are innumerable ways to show our husbands love/respect. I refer to William McDonald’s Bible Commentary (p. 2140) which says it so well. The wife should acknowledge his leadership in the home, make no major decisions apart from him, keep an orderly home, pay attention to personal appearance, live within their means, forgive graciously, keep the lines of communication open, refrain from contradicting or criticizing in front of others and in front of the children.  We need to examine and brush up, don’t we?

 To love is hard work. When we add the words ”at all times” (Prov. 17:17), it is almost beyond us. Let’s remember that we have God’s “I will”  to depend on. With such help we can’t fail.  This verse includes all interpersonal relationships inside and outside the family — husband, wife, children, in-laws, neighbors, friends, clerks, service workers, and the list goes on.

 Let’s think some more. Your husband does not give you the romantic attention you desire. Could there be a reason? Take note. A woman came into the room where her husband was reading the paper. She was primped up — nicely clothed, makeup on, orderly hairdo, perfume. He looked up and asked where she was going. “To the gynecologist” she answered, to which he replied, “ ‘Wish I were your gynecologist.” That speaks volumes. It should sound a wakeup call. Hubby needs attention. If he goes to work at a usual time, I’m one who thinks the wife should be up, pleasant, dressed, hair combed, ready to talk, coffee and breakfast ready. (Perhaps not the norm of the day but give it some attention.) We must remember that many husbands go to work where women are attentive to them and dressed like decoys. His last memory of his wife was a frump. And we wonder why bad things happen. The eye gate is powerful.

 We want our husbands to have every reason to rise up and call us blessed (Prov. 31:28). Many wry remarks have been made about Proverbs, chapter 31. Maybe we are unable to function at the capacity of this virtuous woman, but let’s never forget that every jot, every tittle, every word has been inspired by the Holy Spirit. We are wise to heed as God gives direction and help.

 Women give many reasons for working outside the home. Some are bonafide. Others are to shirk home duties. They say, “I don’t like to cook and clean and stay home,” so they don’t. Others don’t go to work, but home duties are neglected while husbands go to work day after day whether they like it or not. Husbands need to know how much we appreciate them. Surprise him with his favorite meal every now and then. When he comes in the door, thank him for providing for the family. Teach the children to say “thank you” and to show gratitude to their Dad in other ways. You will be surprised what their ingenuity and creativity will come up with. Then the husband will acknowledge that her worth cannot be measured in terms of costly jewels.

 Two sin natures are living within the same walls. Harmony is a grace of God. Search the Word. Use a commentary. Dig deep. Obey His directives. Ask those who are modeling God’s way if they would disciple you. Strive. Your Helper is with you.