Thursday, June 5, 2014


“A quick glance at the women’s magazines on the end of the aisles at the grocery store gives proof of the need for influence among today’s women. The feminine masses are preoccupied with who is the most influential, the most beautiful, the most successful, the happiest. Why? With the separation of families, many are left with the absence of a woman of influence in their day-to-day lives” (Baptist Bulletin, May 2001).

We live in a very independent world. We are extremely independent women. It is difficult to spend time with an outpouring of influence into the lives of others. We live in a world of independent people who don’t want anyone to meddle with their values or their plans. At the same time, there are many who live behind a facade. What an opportunity to be that someone to whom they will divulge their aching heart!

What does it take to be a woman to whom one would come to find help? Does our godly walk and our godly character single us out as one with spiritual depth mingled with graciousness, love and understanding? Have we walked through the valley with God so that we have learned to edify ourselves — all because our hearts have been entwined with Him through our temptations and trial

Women need companionship and comfort as they journey through their transient and troubled experiences. They are searching for someone who has been through the fire. The dross has been removed and she gleams with pure gold. They are looking for someone who possesses a mothering heart. One who will not judge or condemn, but who will love, be patient and understanding, pray with her, and help her through trials (cf. Phil.2: 1-4).

Mentoring is not a circumstance of older to younger. Age has nothing to do with it. Yes,  it can be a grandmotherly ear bent to a young child, or teenager with teenager, or friend with friend, or youth at the footstool of an aged one. It is tenderness, loving concern,  coupled with consistent godliness which results from a consistent walk with God.

Oh yes, there must be the willingness to give the treasure of time. There is no substitute. Influence is deepest and most penetrating when invested over time. It is time consistently spent in the Word and in prayer that prepares us to be a mentor.

Reaching out has no barriers. It can be done via email, letters, phone conversations, or over a cup of tea. It is the godly mothering influence that is being searched out. One who can be depended on to  keep confidences. One who will not condemn. One who has compassion (cf. Phil. 2:1-4).

Question: Are we ready to lay aside the trivia of life (make you own list)  to make/spend time investing our godly influence and insights into a searching heart? There are droves of such ones out there. If you know not such a one, pray that God will lead her to you or you to her. “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not” (Gal. 6:9).