Monday, October 3, 2016

Faith Tested

Has your faith been stretched lately? Maybe right now? God has a purpose for those fiery ordeals. You know that, don’t you? Peter makes a bold statement. He advises us that the trial of our faith is precious. It is so precious that is exceeds the worth of gold! Stop and think about that. Let it go through the grid of your mind as well as your heart. Look at your ring, your watch, your necklace, your jewelry box. Which do you treasure most? Faith or shiny metal? Which do we want people to be attracted to? Our faith or our jewelry? God’s Word presents a short but penetrating statement: “WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD”  (Heb. 11:6).   I’m so thankful that God directed me to these thoughts today.( I need to consider them, myself)

Can you believe it? This article, which I have edited, came in today’s mail. Scientists have discovered that gold veins can be produced in a few tenths of a second. “Veins of gold are  produced when molten rock flowing through cracks (caused by earthquakes) deep in the earth depressurize rapidly, causing the minerals and metals to precipitate out. … During the Flood of Noah’s day there would have been intense earthquake activity, which would have produced gold in a flash.”

The Book describes Heaven as a place where gold is commonplace. The streets are paved with it! In our ignorance we sometimes place value on things that turn out to be of little value. Our desires overtake us. If we are believing Christians, the Holy Spirit yearns to direct and correct us.

Not for a minute am I implying that owning and wearing gold is out of place. I enjoy wearing gold, but which do I cherish most — the opportunity to encourage someone in their walk with the Lord, or my jewelry? I trust you don’t think this is too nitty-gritty. To me it is very important as I turn the searchlight onto my heart.

Why does God permit fiery ordeals? For reasons known only to Him. Trials do prove the genuineness of our faith and they certainly do prove the adequacy of God. Rather than asking “why,” we trustingly acquiesce, knowing that our Father is loving and wise. “Faith keeps us confident and holds us steady, because we know that ‘manifold trials’ (1 Pet. 1:6 - ASV) are always matched by the ‘manifold grace of God’” (1 Pet. 4:10 - KJV). Source unknown. Don’t miss it: “Manifold trials are always matched by the manifold grace of God.”

“You may find it difficult to sing when overcome by buffeting. Rest in the sovereignty of God’s rest like you rest on a soft couch. Relax in Jesus. Trust the Father to do exceeding abundantly for those who trust Him. Claim Romans 8:28.

God holds the whole wide world in His hands, yet He knows the number of hairs on our head.  He cares when a sparrow falls, yet the price He paid for the redemption of one of us is greater than all the sparrows of the world. Would He forsake you or me — His priceless ones? No! A thousand times, No!!!! Rest on His promise: “I will never, absolutely never, assuredly never leave nor forsake you!!!”  (Heb. 13:5). Emphasis as in the Greek.