Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Role of a Titus 2 Woman ~ Part 4

Oh, there is so much to say about the role of a Titus 2 woman who desires to walk, talk, and example an everyday Christian life before her husband, children, and others, but I must move on.

The first chapter of Ephesians verse eighteen points the eyes of our heart to a word that spells present and  future anticipation: ”inheritance.” These verses open a trunk of unimagined truths that will fill our minds and our hearts with paeans of praise and thanksgiving to our triune God who is thrice empowered to enlighten and to care for Christians: God the Father in v. 3, God the Son in v. 7, and God the Holy Spirit in v. 13. Our Christian inheritance is a blessing beyond comparison. We must guard it much more carefully than we would guard an earthly one. Think on that.

“Children are a heritage [treasure] from the Lord” (Psa.127:3). Think about that! God trusts life into our hands and heart. This statement presupposes that the Lord has placed children in a home where He is honored and obeyed, where they will be reared in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. If that is the case, verse five will follow, “Happy is the man [and the woman] who [have their] quiver full of them [treasures, possessions].”

We are at the stage of life that causes us to give thought to the “things” that we have enjoyed through the years. Who will get what? Who will care for this antique? Will this item fit with their decor? Do they have the space for this? Only a “thing.” But a child is a “treasure” to be tenderly cared for, polished, guarded, and prepared for eternity.

It is not my intention to offer advice based on my experience from rearing six teenage children in our extended family as a result of the death of one of their own parents. I took the God-given assignment seriously; thus, I dove into Scripture for answers that would be practical, proper, and thus God honoring and effectual. Yes, I wish I could do it over. Maturity, observation, and more study of the Word have taught me much that I wish I had known during that season of motherhood.

I have treasured those years as a God-given assignment. Let me explain. My husband Robert and I were expecting to spend our entire lives on the mission field. God had other plans. Robert dropped dead from a heart attack. Dr. Whitcomb’s wife went to be with the Lord after many years of suffering. His four and my two became our six. I had intended to return to the mission field, but God gave me a mission field right in our home — six hurting children ages 10,12, 13,14,15, and 16. Every mother must dive into Scripture whether rearing one or a dozen children.

My husband John recently gave me a devotional Bible study book, Walking With God in the Seasons of Motherhood by Melissa Kruger (2015), is recommended to mothers, grandmothers, and older women who desire to disciple young mothers, Following is a sample of her godly wisdom from Scripture. “Moms say ‘Be careful.’” Paul reminded the Ephesians to be careful. His guidance has so much to do with the family. “God created the family unit to be the foundation for all of society. If home life does not prosper, then all of society will fail to prosper. For this reason God calls us to be careful in how we live within our homes.”

Mothering requires knowing God’s Word, entrusting her child to the Lord, reflecting the heart of God, fighting against anxiety, worry, harshness, and anger. Mothers need help with discipline and godly exampling. It is absolutely necessary to use God’s Word as a primary source, but for guidance in fleshing it out in daily matters, other help is advantageous. Yes, God is sufficient. He promises wisdom, and He aids us by those who have spent years in study and experience. Be discreet in choosing resources and only after you diligently study the Word.

Christianity is a calling. Mothering is a calling. God has called us to it. We must never forget that! It has benefits that are out of this world if we follow God’s guidelines.