Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thought #9

“Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard; neither hath it entered the mind of [woman] the things that God has prepared for them who love Him” (1 Cor. 2:1).   That’s Heaven!  Doesn’t that boggle your mind?   It does mine!  I can’t comprehend it, but God has said it.  I believe it and can hardly wait.  Trust Him.  He means what He says.  Be patient.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cultivating Contentment in Christ ~ Part 1

Undoubtedly there were varied reactions to the four-part series of A Window for Women in which we considered “The Wealth of God’s Word.” For some it was, “I already do daily dig and find priceless nuggets that I apply so that I may grow in the grace and knowledge of God.” I trust others were challenged to a new discipline of a daily “watch” with God

This series will be entitled Cultivating Contentment in Christ.     

Perhaps heart stretching, heart rending, heart breaking, heart searching things have happened to you in the year 2012. Your responses and needs have been many. In some cases you have experienced God’s gracious gift of victory. In other cases you are still seeking relief. I trust these carefully and prayerfully chosen thoughts will give relief, direction, release, and a glorious experience as you walk and talk with your Lord, and as you allow Him to direct you by His Word and by His Holy Spirit.

We bond with David as we read the Psalms. At times he was on the mountain top and at others he was very discontented. At times he was cultivating contentment in a big way, “My heart is fixed. Oh God, my heart is fixed” Psalm 57:7. As we read the verse in its context, we find David in deep distress as he went to the right resource -- His God! Not his friend’s ear, not a computer,  not a counselor, not a “How-To Book.” He went to his God right away.!

At the same time we must beware lest we possess formidable foes to a contented heart -- foes such as selfishness, thanklessness, murmuring, stress, sin, fear, selfishness, TV, a web site, face book, hobbies, wantonness -- add your own.

Aren’t you thankful that we can approach our faithful Father who helps us take steps toward contentment? Our steps may be faltering; non-the-less, He will carry us through and build us up.
What are some of those steps? Focusing, praying, disciplining, calling, casting, trusting. Are you ready?

We do not demand contentment as if we have a right to expect it. We ask it as a mercy from our heavenly Father who knows our need.

A woman who is sure of God will have contentment. Thus, we become useful channels of blessing.. We become a manifestation of God’s faithfulness. We become an example to someone else. We can be a friend who inspires someone to move closer to God.
                                                                                                                   ( to be continued )